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A spread from Lucire KSA, which began publication as a monthly in late 2018.


For over 25 years, Lucire has been an independent, intelligent, and inspirational brand. We don’t conform. We started life as an online title at a time when people said it couldn’t be done, and that no one would read fashion content on the internet. We were the first fashion partner of the United Nations Environment Programme. We branched out into print—at that time, no one in fashion had taken a web magazine into paper editions.

Why us? Our coverage is global: we don’t bias ourselves to any one country, so our existing content can fit in with what you locally generate. We’re a pioneer in covering sustainable fashion, and the first to do an international sustainable style editorial. And we work by delivering quality and depth, rather than trivia, as we look forward to the next adventure.

As a magazine brand, we’ve produced issue after issue, both for our home country and for international markets, not missing a beat. We have an international network of correspondents that we’ve assembled over a quarter-century. We do photo shoots. We scout for great locations. Our team works on fashion editorials, catwalk reports, beauty stories, celebrity interviews, travel features, and more. We aren’t lacking in regular, fresh content, and create everything from print monthlies to a twice-yearly edition, on top of our long-running website.



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In 1997, seven years before we began a print magazine, Lucire started life as an online title. We’ve always successfully navigated existing in different media, looking lavish on paper or on screen.

We’ve built up our expertise over a quarter-century, delivering a product that understands the changing boundaries of social media, websites, print magazines and television.

In 2003, we became the UN Environment Programme’s first fashion partner, and we’ve looked at sustainable fashion since then. Two years later, we were credited as having published the first international sustainable style editorial. We forecast both the rise and the fall of the social media influencer. We’ve our finger on the Zeitgeist, which means our content remains relevant to readers.

And we mean readers. Even though every page is lavishly laid out, Lucire treats readers with respect, trusting in their intelligence. We’re not going to run a story about the ideal diet or why a woman needs to look good for a partner. This isn’t a dumbed-down title, but one which informs and entertains. It has rich content that’s smartly written. It has rich photography that inspires. It’s the thinking person’s fashion title, and one that’s also appreciated by artists, designers and photographers.

It’s your choice whether you’d like us to supply prepared layouts, or if you simply wish to have copy-edited content and images. In either case, our teams can work together on your behalf.



Global coverage is part of our DNA


We were set up to be international, as we understood in 1997 that an online title could be read anywhere in the world. We deliver accordingly. We took the discipline of print and applied it to the web. Then we took the forward thinking of the web and brought it into our print magazines. Each person in our network of contributors reports from their location, giving us regular, global coverage. We get first-hand reporting from the US, Europe, the UK, the Middle East, and, of course, our home base Down Under.

You won’t be dealing with a faceless corporation. Nor is Lucire part of a massive stable of magazines where it’s lost among the crowd. We’re an independent publishing house that focuses only on this title for licensing, and the people in charge are transparent, never hidden behind a hierarchy. We want to make things a success for all.



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Lucire occupies a unique space. Our magazine demonstrates our care in crafting a beautiful product. We are independent, and thoughtfully so. ‘Independent, intelligent, inspirational’ appears on many issues of Lucire as a reminder of where we stand.

We are open to working with brand partners who share our values of innovation, depth, and social responsibility.



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Contact us here, or at [email protected], call +64 4 387-3213, check out our original site at lucire.com, or look at what’s in a typical issue for the home market here.



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