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Lucire has always been about sensible growth, step by step. Join us as our second decade unfolds globally.

Offline contacts
Jack Yan
JY&A Media
PO Box 14-368
Wellington 6241
New Zealand

Physical address
71 Oriel Avenue
Redwood, Tawa
Wellington 5028
New Zealand Telephone 64 4 387-3213
Fax 64 4 387-3213

Ann Fryer
Associate Publisher
244 Fifth Avenue, Suite A-248
New York, NY 10001
Telephone 1 203 979-6166

Monica Waldron
Suite 85
34 Buckingham Palace Road
London SW1W 0RH
Email in all instances is

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Main photograph: From the Custo Barcelona spring 2007 collection, photographed by Joma García i Gisbert.

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