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Looking to the future.

Main photograph: Lauren/Élite in a photographic shoot by John Sayer-White, in issue 27 of Lucire. Styled by Christine Vieira/Élite Artists; make-up and hair by Dee Daly/Judy Inc.

A multi-media approach

Lucire’s plans take shape in several media.
   The principle behind Lucire is a truly meritorious fashion magazine, with positive messages of empowerment and social responsibility. It has a global message: that there is one world with many different cultures and styles. It respects the thinking consumer as well as the planet.
   First, the web edition is set to grow. It is our core medium and more have been flocking online since the 1990s, when we started.
   In the last two years, our web strategy has been about putting the more detailed articles online, rather than
  We started on the web during an ideal­istic time, and we have retained those ideals. We like to think of our­selves as a brand that helps indepen­dents get the word out and chal­lenge main­stream media and less open, ideal­istic organi­zations. The little guy can beat the big firms—something we’ve been demon­strating for over a decade
excerpted, edited versions. The reason: web viewers research and we want to provide legitimate, content keywords.
   For the web we seek other independent publishers, especially those whom can benefit from the Lucire brand. The only way independent web publishers can succeed against the largest firms is to outmanœuvre them—that means turning Lucire into a fashion magazine site that has our content, associated content from approved partners (with links back), and even carrying advertising on behalf of partners.
   Web video has already been growing since our first forays in this area in 2000 and it is becoming a more regular part of our service in 2008–9 and, conceivably, we are open to the idea of television partnerships.
   Secondly, we seek further licensees for the print editions. These may be traditional licensees, or those who wish to work on cross-media projects.
   Thirdly, Lucire’s mobile edition, mostly aimed Stateside, is a medium that the magazine has been dabbling in since 2001. The technology has finally caught up. News headlines and, in the next 24 months, low-res, cellphone video, are part of the offering. Based on the Lucire ‘Insider’ blog, the mobile service offers readers a chance to feed back while on the move and get the latest headlines.
   Mobile is very regular (a few times daily at the ideal), the web is less so (weekly to monthly depending on the content partner) and the print magazine a collectible (monthly to half-yearly depending on licensee).
   Between these media, we think of Lucire more as a global movement in communications than a traditional fashion magazine. We started on the web during an idealistic time about uniting the planet, and we have retained those ideals. We like to think of ourselves as a brand that helps independents get the word out and challenge mainstream media and less open, idealistic organizations. The little guy can beat the big firms—something we’ve been demonstrating for over a decade.
   Please enquire with us on the contact page with your collaboration ideas.


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